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Immediately visualize all your case data as a visual story

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What Is SyncArena™?

SyncArena™ is a cloud-based SaaS application that empowers users to import, synchronize, and analyze surveillance data within a single environment.

SyncArena™ simplifies and streamlines the data analyzation process, creating clear and actionable intelligence.

SyncArena™ Works for You

SyncArena™ quickly assembles investigative data from multiple sources and generates a visual narrative of events as they occurred.

Quickly triage data

Drag and drop all source files into SyncArena™. The data is automatically synchronized and plotted on a single 3D map for immediate assignment.

Holistically view your data

Evaluate all events (data points) in real time from a single window. Narrow your focus to key locations, time periods, and filter out residual noise.

Track & monitor your data

View real-time vehicle GPS tracks and cell phone ping data. Compare to historical data for more in-depth evaluation.

Recognize patterns and relationships

Discover previously unrecognized relationships. Use tools to anticipate behavior based on pattern of life analysis.

Eliminate time consuming tasks

Files are automatically formatted prior to import, eliminating any manual steps. Cell tower locations are correlated with call data records.

Publish professional reports

Easily create map analysis reports in PDF format. Include title, images, legend, compass, callouts and much more.

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Maximize the power of your Geospatial Data

Process data more efficiently and effectively with SyncArena™. Solve cases faster.

Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement

SyncArena™ benefits all levels of law enforcement. Currently being used by Narcotics, Organized Crimes, Fugitives, Criminal Intelligence, Homicide, Robbery, Sex Crimes, and Patrol.


Analysts trust SyncArena™ to aid in their efforts to identify series, patterns and trends as they happen. It also allows them to review and analyze enduring problems, generate reports on demand, and synthesize data from different sources.


Detectives complete a quick review of CDRs, ping, GPS, and other data so they can immediately assess the information and identify items needing further investigation and examination by the crime analyst.

SyncArena™ in Action

Filtering Call Records

Identifying Patterns and Trends

Publishing Reports

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No software to install

SyncArena™ works on all modern browsers.

Intuitive Interface

Simple to use. No expensive training.

Simple Pricing Model

SyncArena™ follows a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for straightforward budget planning.

A complete data fusion and visualization tool designed by analysts for analysts.
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About SyncArena™

SyncArena™ is an end-to-end solution that enables criminal analysts to transform raw data files into complete analytical reports that can be shared among colleagues or in the courtroom. Users can immediately examine CDRs, GPS Tracks, ping emails, and many other types of data together on a single map and timeline.

SyncArena’s patented technology allows effective synchronized analysis that assists in finding key details important to your case. The embedded report builder provides simple tools to notate significant incidents, label data points, and create descriptive PDF reports directly within the application.

SyncArena™ is the flagship product of Sync Layer, Inc., a software company focusing on data visualization.

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